Improving literacy to create opportunity

Improving literacy to create opportunity

Dear Donors,

CanEducate is excited to kickoff our summer giving campaign for 2018!
Last year marked the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s International Day of Literacy. It’s a celebration of five decades’ work helping to improve the quality of literacy across the world, particularly in developing countries. In spite of this progress, UNESCO reports that literacy rates are still below 70% in Central America – and less than 50% across much of Sub-Saharan Africa. Clearly there is still work to do – and a real opportunity for us to build on the great work CanEducate started almost 10 years ago.

Our summer giving campaign kicks off an exciting year ahead for CanEducate. This past year, our charity reached a significant milestone, which was to provide our 10,000th scholarship since our founding in 2010. We also are very proud to announce that we hit our gender diversity goal of providing 50/50 scholarships to girls and boys.

You can help us carry that momentum into the back half of 2018 and our target of raising $250,000. Please consider making a one-time donation, or a regular monthly donation to help support CanEducate’s mission to provide scholarships for children in developing countries. Virtually every dollar you donate directly benefits our students – just 1% of your donations is spent on administrative costs, which compares exceptionally to the average costs that Canadian charities spend in this area (MoneySense suggests an average of 5% or less as a best practice).

At CanEducate, we believe education is the single greatest weapon against global poverty. Your support is proving vital and has helped us tell many stories of the positive lasting impact that education has on villages and communities. No action is ever too small:

  • Donate! You can set up periodic or one-off donations via our website or through Canada Helps. Canada Helps even enables you to donate securities or mutual funds – a more tax-efficient way of supporting our cause.
  • Get social. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter you can help to share our mission with your network of friends and contacts in just one click. Please like and follow our pages via the buttons on the CanEducate website.
  • Spread the word. Since launch, we’ve seen an increasing number of visitors to our website and donations from people that you’ve referred to our cause. Please keep talking about the work CanEducate is doing and how people can get involved.

On behalf of everyone at CanEducate we thank you for your continued support – your contributions are instrumental in making a difference and we’re excited about the opportunities that remain ahead of us.

Rishi Ghuldu,
President, CanEducate
Vice President, Supply Chain and Asset Management, Goldcorp Inc.

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