Ezra Pauline

Ezra Pauline

Thanks to all who are responsible in the CanEducate program since 2011 when it started at Buzwagi. Thanks for your humanity and to me and other students who benefit from the program.
I heard that you are doing donations campaigns to raise Fund for us, thanks very much and God bless you a lot.
Thanks for materials and cash provided to me through my school. My request is for you donors and fund raiser to come and visit us in schools so we at least know some of you for your effort in making us feel equal and happy.
I would appreciate if the program widen it enrollment to include other vulnerable children in my area. We are currently 400 at my school, you can think of adding more students.
Thanks also to the Acacia-Buzwagi employee team, Barrick Gold for their contributions as during fund raising campaigns.
I assure you that my results will be wonderful.

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