CanEducate Funding to Help for Haiti: An Overview of Past, Present, and Impact

In the pursuit of a brighter future for the children of Haiti, CanEducate has been a steadfast supporter of Help for Haiti since 2019. Spearheaded by Brendan Hughes, CanEducate’s Country Lead for Haiti and advocate for Help for Haiti’s mission, this partnership has made significant strides in providing access to education for at-risk children living in the Central and North regions of the country.

Over the past four years, CanEducate’s contributions played a pivotal role in ensuring that children in Haiti have the opportunity to receive a quality education. In 2019, the inaugural year of support, CanEducate provided $20,000 in funding, which directly supported students’ tuition fees at the New Star of Bethlehem in Cap-Haitien and the Institution Mixte Martin Luther in Marmelade.

As the partnership evolved, so did the impact: with the implementation of a structured reporting system during the 2020-2021 academic year, Help for Haiti was able to track the program’s progress more effectively. Despite challenges such as country-wide protests and lockdowns, CanEducate continued its support, contributing $11,000 to help schools and students sustain the tough operating conditions.

In subsequent years, the scope of assistance expanded significantly. During the 2021-2022 academic year, 459 students received tuition assistance, enabling them to pursue their education with reduced financial burden. This support not only covered tuition fees but also encouraged parental commitment to their children’s education through a five-year agreement with Help for Haiti.

In recognition of the ongoing need and the positive impact of the program, CanEducate continued its support in the 2022-2023 academic year, providing $20,000 in funding. This allowed 503 students to receive tuition assistance, furthering the mission of educational equity and empowerment in Haiti.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 academic year, CanEducate remains committed to its partnership with Help for Haiti, pledging $15,000 in support. With this funding, 520 students will receive tuition assistance, ensuring that they can continue their educational journey and strive for a brighter future.

Amidst the challenges facing Haiti, including escalating gang violence and security concerns, Help for Haiti’s schools in Cap Haitien and Marmelade have remained committed to students and the communities they serve. Despite the closure of borders and economic instability, schools have continued to operate, providing a safe and consistent learning environment for students.

At the Institution Nouvelle Etoile de Bethléhem (INEB) in Cap-Haïtien and the Institution Mixte Martin Luther (IMML) in rural Marmelade, efforts to enhance educational standards and outcomes have yielded promising results. INEB achieved a 100% success rate in the state examination for 9th grade, signaling the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between Help for Haiti, CanEducate, and the school administration.

As we reflect on the past achievements and look towards the future, the importance of continued support for education in Haiti cannot be overstated. With your help, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of children and communities, empowering them to overcome adversity and build a brighter tomorrow.

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