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Supporting wheels of progress and opportunity in Tanzania

CanEducate is proud to sponsor the Imara Pamoja Cycle Challenge on November 3, 2018. The first annual event is organized by our partner organization Acacia and hopes to draw over 200 cyclists, who will race up to 140 km near Mwanza, Tanzania. This new event builds on the legacy of the former Acacia Tufanikiwe Pamoja Cycle Challenge, which was one of the region’s largest annual sporting events. The new Imara Pamoja Cycle Challenge is aimed at forging stronger relationships with the communities where Acaia operates, which is aligned to reflect the company’s new vision. The longer term goal for the new cycle challenge is to grow stakeholder value and turn it into an annual fundraising initiative to support learning opportunities for children in Tanzania.

Education has always been a key development priority for Acacia in Tanzania. Under its Sustainable Communities strategy, the company has long focused around efforts to improve access to schooling, particularly for girls. This endeavor aligns to the Tazanian Government’s Development Vision 2025.

Acacia is aiming to raise US$250,000 through the Imara Pamoja Cycle Challenge with the funds going towards much-needed educational materials for children and schools in Tanzania. Read our other success stories to learn about how your donations – and support of events like the Imara Pamoja Cycle Challenge – make a difference in young student’s lives.

CanEducate President Rishi Ghuldu attended a reception on October 4th in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to kick off the fundraising for the Imara Pamoja Cycle Challenge. At the event, Rishi briefly talked about CanEducate’s mission and shared how proud the charity is to partner with Acacia on such a worthy cause. In addition to senior leaders from Acacia, the event was also attended by the Deputy Minister for State in the President’s Office: Regional and Local Governments, Hon. Joseph Kakunda.

“Since President Magufuli entered into power with his free education policy there has been an increase of 33% in enrollment of new pupils while the number of students registered for their secondary education has also increased from 366,396 in 2015 to 483,216 in 2017. This is a remarkable stride registered by the government and I now call upon private sector players in the country to emulate Acacia’s move to support the government in every way possible towards achieveing the country’s economic and social goals,” said the Hon. Kakunda.

Proceeds from the Imara Panmoja Cycle Challenge will go towards the partnership between Acacia and CanEducate. The funds will support local student with uniforms and materials such as books, stationery and other supplies that enable students to be fully equipped for learning. The Imara Panmoja Cycle Challenge will also enable “A” level students to receive other vital support in the form of exam fees, bedding and transportation costs.

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