CanEducate 2017: Same Mission With A Fresh New Look

CanEducate has big plans for 2017. We’ve relaunched our website and we’re kicking off our fundraising campaign with a renewed sense of vigour. We’re also celebrating a significant milestone, as we’ve now provided our 10,000th scholarship since our founding in 2010.

Our foundations are well established and so our focus now is to spread CanEducate’s mission. Education is the single greatest weapon against global poverty, and your support has proven vital in our ability to impact lasting changes in the communities we work.

On that note, I’m excited to share that we’ve brought a new school in a new country into our CanEducate family. Pragati Wheel educates more than 250 children, primarily from the farmers and workers on the river bed of Yamuna in Delhi, India. I’m proud that CanEducate is now supporting and enabling the futures of children in four countries – Guatemala, Tanzania, Zambia, and India.

Getting children into education is just half of the battle, however. In Tanzania, a recent Prime Minister’s Office Education Report (2015) showed that 84,746 primary school students and 72,559 secondary school students from poor communities drop out before completing education. And, according to the Uwezo Learning Report (2013), children from poor households are more than twice as likely to underperform in adolescent literacy as their peers from non-poor households. Like many of the youth we’re sponsoring, we’ve made a start but your continued donations and support are the key to sustainable, long-term success.

You can help in several ways and no support is ever too small.

  • Donate! You can set up periodic or one-off donations via our website or through Canada Helps. Canada Helps even enables you to donate securities or mutual funds – a more tax-efficient way of supporting our cause.
  • Spread the word. Since launch, we’ve seen an increasing number of visitors to our website and donations from people that you’ve referred to our cause. Please keep talking about the work CanEducate is doing and how people can get involved.
  • Get social. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter you can help to share our mission with your network of friends and contacts in just one click. Please like and follow our pages via the buttons on the CanEducate website.

As always, on behalf of everyone at CanEducate we thank you for your continued support. The work we are doing has laid incredible foundations in the communities in which we work: We now have a real opportunity to build on those to make a profound and lasting difference.

Rishi Ghuldu

President, CanEducate

Vice-President, Supply Chain & Asset Management at Goldcorp Inc.

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