Veronica Joseph Sangije

Veronica Joseph Sangije

“My name is Veronica Joseph Sangije I joined Secondary School in 2014 and now I am in Fourth form, I would like to convyey my appreciation to Can Educate donors for helping us, when I started form one my mother and my father used to stretch themselves and paid for my school fees, but in 2015 my mothers health began to deteriorate and only my father had to take all responsibilities to raise us, we are six in our family so plus my mother and my father we are eight, it reached a time when my father was now not able to accommodate the expenses so I was about to drop out from school but then I seek help from Can Educate Bulyanhulu and they agreed to pay for my expenses, they gave me uniforms and paid my school fees. Without CanEducate my education dream was over after my mothers sickness.”

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