Robert William

Robert William

I thank Caneducate because it has helped me a lot as previous I had to engage in different activities so as to get money for school fees. When I was in form two I got the Caneducate sponsorship support where is when my performance started to rise thanks Caneducate ,As I have completed form four last year 2015 I hope I will pass to join advanced level ;it is my believe that Caneducate will sponsor me so that I can carry on with my studies

to reach my goals

Robert’s Mother

I would like to appreciate the initiative that is been done by Acacia Bulyanhulu Gold Mine, I can easily say it has brought a positive impact

to our community. I personally congratulate you all for your tireless effort, You have been visiting us even at our home thank you, My son Robert who has completed school last year was one of the children you supported in school fees and other contributions. I would not hesitate to give my thanks to organizers and the donor for your kind support for my son, I was not in position to support him! Thanks and God bless you.

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