Mussa Ibingo, Mwendakulima School, Executive Officer, Kahama, Tanzania

Mussa Ibingo, Mwendakulima School, Executive Officer, Kahama, Tanzania

In his own words, Mussa Ibingo, the Executive Officer of Mwendakulima School in Kahama, Tanzania, shares his view on the impact of CanEducate.

CanEducate is a program that benefits the poor families and has enabled those students who could otherwise fail to attend classes.

In Mwendakulima ward, the number of students sponsored is 413. Students who had no option regarding attending schools are now in schools. Parents with students benefiting from the program are now able to see their children enjoying studying. For the Kahama Municipal Council, the council burden of paying school charges to these students has been reduced.

I as the Mwendakulima ward Executive officer wish to thank the Community Relations group for Buzwagi for their effort in making sure the CanEducate program runs smoothly, but also for the Acacia and Barrick Companies for hosting the program and doubling the fund from a donations campaign. Also, thank you to the donors for their willingness to support Tanzanian children through education.

Education is life. Thanks to CanEducate!

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