Beyond Numbers: The CanEducate Data Project

Beyond Numbers: The CanEducate Data Project

As many supporters know, CanEducate has changed the lives of thousands of students since the formation of the charitable entity in 2010. The charity has primarily assisted schools in developing countries by offering financial support. Now, to coincide with CanEducate’s 10th anniversary, the charity is looking to make an even greater impact through a new data analysis project with the goal of optimizing the programs offered by the charity and sharing our insights with other educational institutions.

Starting in early 2020, CanEducate will establish a standard program application template across all of our program schools in Zambia, Tanzania, India, Guatemala and Haiti. With the new data initiative, the ultimate vision is that CanEducate will be able to collect information about program students at initiation and then follow the progress of students after they are done with CanEducate supported programs.

The CanEducate ambassador program at each program school will be a key enabler of the program and individuals are currently being identified to take on this critical role. These individuals will follow up with students at the completion of the CanEducate program, and request details such as intended next steps for career or other post-secondary education. Through analyzing student data and drawing observations from the research, CanEducate hopes to not only improve its own education programs but also to share the research with other education programs and institutions.

This exciting project will continue to build the legacy that CanEducate aims to forge not only with the students that receive financial support; but also on the education system in the developing countries where the charity has established its roots.

Stay tuned for updates later in 2020!

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