Program Schools


In partnership with Goldcorp’s Marlin mine, CanEducate has been supporting students in the San Marcos region of western Guatemala. Marlin’s Community Relations team has helped to identify youth who will most benefit educational assistance and scholarships with a

In 2015 with CanEducate’s support, Marlin was able to increase its scholarship program to additional students within the communities of Sipacapa and San Miguel de Ixtahuacan. The local schools available in the area receive partial public funding, but additional tuition costs are required that many families are not able to afford and many children opt to leave schooling early on. Students are selected based on need and are also expected to maintain good attendance and academic achievement throughout the year.

Marlin’s CSR team works closely with both teachers and families to provide support to 50 students each year with a goal of 50:50 girls to boys’ ratio. The 2016 program supported approximately 40% girls. Marlin and Goldcorp are proud to partner with CanEducate in view to reducing social inequalities and providing opportunities for young people.